NLP / Computational linguistics

NLP / Computational linguistics

  • Gender Based Violence:The goal of this project is to create a machine learning algorithm that classifies tweets about gender-based violence into one of five categories: Harmful_Traditional_practice,Physical_violence, economic_violence,emotional_violence,sexual_violence

  • Wolof Translation:A Wolof Translation Based in transformers architecture with seq2seq and T5 .

  • Soraberta:Soraberta is pretrained language model based o Roberta model for the wolof language .

  • Coughin:Coughin is an application that can diagnostic if person cougth the covid-19 from a cough.

  • LSTM - GRU: Implementation An AI model that generates poems about El Hadji Malick Sy .
  • N-grams - Language Model: An example of auto complete as google does for search